What is the procedure to start the speech therapy sessions?

All of our sessions are strictly by appointment only. Kindly call us to schedule an appointment before coming over.

Do I need to go through assessment first?

Yes, your first visit with your child is an assessment session. It is aimed to identify your child’s current speech and language level before starting therapy session.

Is it enough for my child to attend speech therapy only once in a week?

Yes, weekly sessions are adequate for your child as therapists will provide homework after each session for you to carry out at home. We will guide you and your child during the sessions. Keep in mind that you are the best ‘therapist’ for your little one as you spend the most time with him/her.

How many times do I need to attend the therapy sessions to see improvement in my child's speech level?

Normally, you should see improvement in your child’s speech performance after 3 months of weekly speech therapy sessions given that you diligently do the homework and apply the techniques learnt at home.

Does beeFluent Speech Therapy Centre provide home visit speech therapy services to children and adult?

For children, all sessions take place in the centre only. We offer home visit therapy service for adult with swallowing problem.

Where can I park my car?

We have our own designated car park in front of our centre. If the only car park is occupied, you may find other car park nearby.